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warfare prayer

This post is filled with warfare prayer to help you restrict and oppose spiritual attacks. As you know we are not fighting a physical battle but a spiritual one that requires our spiritual understanding. we need to dedicate ourselves and believe in God who is the one leading this battle for us because it is not by our power or might but by the spirit and power of the Almighty.

When it comes to warfare prayer, it is ideal to pray it mostly in the middle of the night because most battles creep into mans life through dreams or while men sleep. Read Psalms and sing praises and worships to God for appreciation in advance for the battle is won through the blood of the lamb.


Read Psalm 35

Father Lord, I thank you for the grace, mercy and favour of saying this prayer, I believe my prayers will be answered by you.

I command every spiritual activity of darkness against my life to be fruitless in Jesus name

Every power of the night manipulating peoples destiny via the dream, be wasted in Jesus name

I paralyze every effort of the wicked targeted against my destiny in Jesus name

Every principalities and power on an assignment concerning my destiny be arrested in Jesus name

Father Lord, deliver me from every witchcraft manipulation designed to pull me down in life

Every weapon of satanic attack engaged against my life, be wasted in Jesus name

Lord, I raise a standard against every attack of rulers of darkness in my life

I raise a standard against every attack of spiritual against my life

Every weapon of satanic attack against my life be wasted in Jesus name


Every agent of wickedness on an assignment concerning my life and destiny be arrested in Jesus name

I reject every spiritual manipulation and operations in my dream from today in Jesus name

Every arrow of darkness fired against my destiny, backfire in Jesus name

Father, shield my family with the blood of Jesus from every form of spiritual attack

O Lord, attack every spiritual attacker attacking my destiny  in Jesus name

Father, by the Holy Ghost, make my life unattackable in Jesus name

We believe God has answered your prayers, just keep singing praises and worship to him