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This prayer for newlywed should be taken seriously for young couples that want to take their marital journey to a place of success, comfortability and fruitfulness. It is said that a family that prays together stays together.  Cultivate the habit of praying together with your spouse at any available time you have, this will let the fire of love to burning in your marriage and the understanding each other will be boosted as a wife or husband, the prayers for newlywed is paramount to your family

Prayers For Newlywed

Thank you Lord for the success of our wedding

Father Lord, as we embark on this journey of love, we will have no cause to regret our decisions

As we have come together to become one, Lord God make us one forever

Father Lord, make our marriage fruitful and blissful

Father Lord, happiness will never cease from our home in Jesus name

The glory of God will shine in our home

In Jesus name, none of us will be lost

Father Lord, bless our marriage with children

As we have come together, make us a success in all we do

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Heavenly father, every enemy that wants to destroy our marriage, let your consuming fire destroy them by fire

Oh Lord my father, let your glory show forth in our family

Father Lord, make us as an inspiration to other ailing marriages

Lord God, let your protections be upon our family, children jobs and our entire household

Father Lord, supply our needs according to your riches in glory

Lord God, supply us with the thing to give our children the best in life

Lord God, let the power of dominion and overcoming come into our household as we have become one


Overcoming in life requires our personal efforts coupled with consistent prayers. don’t stop praying and don’t stop winning, success is assured!