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spiritual attack

Spiritual attack is when things seem difficult and dangerous when it feels like God is not in existence. meanwhile, he is still very much alive. The spiritual attack makes a man weak, weary and tired, A situation that an individual cannot even explain what exactly is happening. Things may begin to fall apart

A spiritual attack could come in the form of health, finance, marital issues, and any other forms that a man can be attacked. that is why it is always good to pray always because it has a long-lasting benefit.


Every spiritual activity of darkness against my life, be fruitless in Jesus name

Every power of the night manipulating me via dreams, be destroyed in Jesus name

Lord God, make my life unattackable

Weapons of satanic attack shot into my life, back to the sender

Arrow of darkness fired against my destiny be destroyed in Jesus name

Spiritual manipulators manipulating my life, go down to the pit of destruction now in Jesus name

Agents of darkness sent to attack me I am not your candidate in Jesus name

Workers of darkness seated somewhere sending evil attacks into my life, die now in Jesus name

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Powers monitoring my progress in life, go blind in Jesus name

Enemies from my background, the fire of God destroy you in Jesus name

Arrows sho into my life in darkness, come ou now in Jesus name

Any attack that wants to demote me in life, I destroy you.