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long term family curses

What is a prayer against long term family curses? when a situation becomes rampant in a family when evil/bad things happen from generation to generation, a situation like family curses, lack of progress, sicknesses, joblessness, etc.
Different families have to learn one thing, which is prayer against long term curses, very important thing to do in one’s life, family curses are not about money alone, there are several other things that are attached to it, like sicknesses, stagnation, terminal diseases and untimely death.

 Prayer against long term family curses.

1. Father Lord, I thank you for life, thank you for mercy and grace. I come to your presence to cast away every long term family curses in my life.

2. My father, I nullify every power of the long term curses reigning in my life in Jesus name.

3. Oh Lord my God, use your mighty power to clear every form of curses reigning in my life.

4. The power that has been ruling in my life for long, I destroy you by fire.

5. You evil hands upon my destiny, begin to dry up in Jesus name.

6. You these curses that my fore-fathers have placed this family, I say your reign is over in my family in Jesus name.

7. The power that stays with Daniel in the pit of a lion, deliver me from every form of family curses.

8. Father Lord, destroy ancestral spirits that have caged my family for years.


9. Heavenly Father, set me free from the hands of long term curses that has caged my life

10. God, the evil curses that have become a plague in my life, Lord destroy it in Jesus name

11. The power and anointing to overcome long term family curses in my life, give it to me in Jesus name.

12. You power that said, I will not go forward in life, I set myself free in Jesus name

13. Father Lord, I pray I keep moving forward in life.

14. The power to overcome and win at every spiritual battle I face, lord God give it to me.

15. Father Lord, make me a champion in the presence of my enemies