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With this new week prayer points to make your week a blessed and wonderful one. Putting your affairs into Gods hand in a new week goes a long way.

Severally, I have heard differnt testimonies from friends on how their week have always been wonderful each time they say a prayer every new week, they cannot even do without saying their new week prayer points because, it has become a part and parcel of their life.

A new week prayer to take charge of every activity of the week. Putting our affairs before God for the new week is a good thing to do because it is only God that can bless our week and make the week great.


As I take this new week prayer, let me see its impact in my life.

This new week, I will excell in all the things I do, nothing will stop me from shining. The kind of blessings I have never experience in my life, I will experience it in this new week in Jesus name.

The boldness I need to make a the decisions that are important to my life, you will give me. Every decisions I make this week will be right decisions to take me to greater height in life

Oh Lord, anything that seems to be a challenge to my life in this week, Lord take it out of my way in Jesus name, make the journey of this week a great one.

Lord, let me encounter opportunities that will change my story in this new week, opportunities that will move me from grass to grace , opportunities that will lift me more higher in life.

God of heaven and earth, those you sent to bless me last week, but couldnt reach me, father Lord, let our ways cross path this week in Jesus name

Heavenly father, this week I pray for evry members of my family, my job, my career, my husband/wife, children and parents that everything that converns them will be touched by you and your mercy and grace sg=hall be upon them in Jesus name.

Lord God, make this week my week of favour, blessings and supernatural increase

Let all I place my hands to do this week be blessed and successful

This week, I will receive calls and emails that will change my life for the best in Jesus name

Wherever I go this week, the grace of God will cause people to favour me

All my pending blessings will come to me this week in Jesus name

Father Lord, your full protection is upon me and every member of my family

This new week, I will not lack good things in Jesus name

The divine power of God will connect me to my destiny helpers in Jesus name

Oh Lord, this week create a platform to ride to my greatness

Gods favour will manifest in my life in Jesus name

NB: We advise that as you pray with this new week prayer points, fast along with it and you will see that God does wonders in prayers.


Updated weekly prayer points

  1. Father Lord, I thank you for making me see this beautiful week. I pray it is going to be a success for me in Jesus name.
  2. Heavenly Lord, I counter every plan of the evil ones in my week, I pray your full protection is upon me in Jesus name
  3. In the name of the almighty God, all the blessings in store for me this week, Lord of the host, let me acquire them in Jesus name
  4. I pray lines shall fall unto me this week in Jesus name
  5. My God, the creative ideas I need to achieve success in this new week, my Lord show it to me.
  6. I pray against every enemies of my progress this week
  7. Every form of evil eyes that wants to bring me down this week, father Lord let them go blind in Jesus name
  8. Heavenly Father, this wee I will not bet or lack good things in jesus name
  9. This week, your protections will be upon me and every member of my family.
  10. The power to do exploit this week, Lord grant it to me in Jesus name.