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Text Proverb 4:23

Only God is God, there is no other god before or after him and he expected us to have a spiritual relationship with him.

God is a spirit and he wanted those that will worship him in spirit, will, passion, desire, affection and the right thought to having a spiritual walk with him.

The love for God is universal and there is no room for divided affection when you want to have a spiritual relationship with him, our God is a jealous God, yes he is because he believes when you walk with him in spirit, your life will be better than how it used to be, that is why he is a jealous and he wants you to have the best he can offer you in life.

Consider this, when you have a sincere and truthful relationship with human like you, that particular person will try doing everything possible to make sure that relationship last longer, compare that to having a spiritual relationship with God of host who has greater plans for you in life. A saying goes thus, there is no man that walks with God that regretted it except of a person that is an hypocrite worshiper or fake worshiper of Christ.

Before any word come out of your mouth, God sees the thought in your heart, as merciful as he is, if such a word is a negative word that may affect you or anyone around you, if truly you have strong spiritual relationship with him, he will stop that word from coming out of your mouth.

Because we are his people, he has counted us worthy to be his people. A good spiritual relationship with him will move us ahead in life, A child that obeys his father will surely be given what he deserved from his father. Please tell me, God that has everything with him, why wount he give you that you truly deserve in life

Worship God in truth and in spirit and he will supply your needs according to his riches in Glory




Peace: walking with God gives a man a kind of peace that he cannot find anywhere. Looking at our world today, it is always one trouble or disasters happening daily but walking spiritually with God will give you the peace you deserve in life.

Spiritual Direction: There is nothing greater as having a direction that leads you faster and easier to your destination. When you have deep spiritual relationship with God, he will direct you in the journey of life

Full Guidance: That road you passed 30 times in a month, someone passed there the first time and his life was lost due to an accident that occurred on that road, tell me is it that you are better in driving than them? NO Its Gods’ guidance that is working in your life.

Provisions: Even before you requested he has supplied your needs, that’s what you benefit when you have a spiritual relationship with God

Happiness In Life: When everything is working fine in your life, what else makes you happier than that? Living a good life is a happy life

Fulfilled Living: when you are living your life for Christ, you fill fulfilled, his presence in your heart makes you complete an fulfilled in living.

Spiritual Inspirations: Some are inspired by the things of this world, some by drugs and smoke but a life in Christ is inspired by Christ and such a life will go places and do exploit in his or her career


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  • oprol evorter
    August 7, 2019 at 3:03 am

    I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta admit thanks for the post on this amazing one : D.


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