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December prayer for the family is the type we pray along with every members of our immediate family. December is a time families come closer to each other, share gifts and relate more with each other. It shouldn’t be on merriment alone, entering into December, pray to take charge of that month with your family.

20 December Prayers For The Family

Father Lord, I thank you for making me and my family to see the Christmas season

God I thank you for your protection throughout the year

Thank you for not letting your grace and mercy to depart from us

I take charge of every day of this month of December

As I and my family enter into this month of December, your protection, grace, mercy and favour will increase upon us

Heavenly father, the things we need to celebrate this Christmas as family should be given to us

God, supply us with wealth in the coming new year

Father Lord, the help we need as a family should come our way in this month of December

Dear Lord, move us into our greatness in this month of December

Dear Lord, I pray for your protections on every members of my family as they from different places in this season.

God, after this month good things will keep increasing in our family