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December prayer points

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Our December Prayer Points For The years 2017

It is the last month of the year, that time of the year which as an individual we tend to score ourselves based on our performance in the year. but, do not let us be carried away with material things, let us use this season to move closer to God as the year 2017 is drawing its cotton. Let us endeavour to pray with this December Prayer Points which we believe will usher us and bring us a fruitful Christmass celebration and entering the new year victoriously to take charge of the new year because we are more than conquerors


Father Lord I thank you for making me see the new month and the last month of the year

Father Lord in this new month, surprise me

God let your protections continue to be with me throughout this month

God, my remaining blessings for this year, let them forth to me

Bless me with the gift of Christmas and the new year

My blessings for 2017, you will not die with 2017, Arise! locate me by Fire!!! in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, any form of evil around me in this month, destroy it

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God take me out of the darkness I have been all this year.

Me and my family, we shall finish this month strong and enter the new month in victory

Throughout this month, it shall be good news in my mouth and household

Your grace, mercy and your love will not depart from me in this month

Any power contending with my turn-around breakthrough, be scattered in the name of Jesus.

Arrows of failure that has been operating in my life since January, be scattered

Blood of Jesus, fight my battle in this December

Every cloud covering and delaying my progress, be destroyed in the name of Jesus

My long-awaited blessings show up in this month in Jesus name

Father Lord, make every day of this month a success

Powers delaying my moving forward, de destroyed

Lord God, let my heaven open in this month

Lord God, let me laugh all through this month

Thank you Lord for answering my prayer