Prayers For Divine Helpers

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Praying for divine helpers

No man is an island, as a human, we need divine helpers to help us get to the designated places set for us for us by God. Making it alone is rare, a help of a brother, relative, friend and even a total stranger endorsing or referring us to something good or those that matter to our lifting. Let us call on to God to lead us to where our divine helpers are for the upliftment of our souls and our entire life.

12 Prayers For Divine Helpers

Every evil attached to my name be removed by the blood of Jesus

The power that raised helper for Joseph, remember me for good in Jesus name

That power that created light from no where, create a new thing for me in the name of Jesus

Oh Lord, let people I don’t know come to my rescue in the name of Jesus

Every power removing my name from the heart of my helper, receive the anger of God

The power that sent helpers to the widow of Zarapath, remember me today in the name of Jesus

Angel of the living God go round the world and bring me my blessings in Jesus name

I refuse to be deserted in the name of Jesus

Every evil diversion working in my helpers, be corrected in the name of Jesus

I claim divine companion in the name of Jesus

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Holy Spirit be my permanent helper in Jesus name

My life, magnetise good people in the name of Jesus

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