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God is so powerful and merciful to heal us of any infirmities or sickness we have. No matter how severe the situation of the ailment, Gods mighty hand is strong enough to touch and heal any type of diseases, be it curable or incurable. When you pray with this prayers for healing and have a strong faith and believe that you are healed.



Father Lord, I thank you for your grace and mercy upon me, for keeping me this far.

God please, heal me of my sickness and diseases

I command the power of ailment and sickness in my body be destroyed

O you diseases or sickness, hear the word of God and get out of my body

God of heaven, place your healing hands on my body and give me a sound healing

Every power of the devil that is causing sickness in my life, I command you to catch fire in Jesus Name

God rise up and give me a sound healing

The attacks of the enemies that have held me down all this while, be destroyed in Jesus name

The arrows of sickness shot into my life, I say back to the sender in Jesus name

Any sickness that wants me to waste all my resources be destroyed

The healing of God is upon me and household

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The healing power of God rest upon me

I release myself from the grip of sickness shot or transferred into my life

Father Lord, let your blood cleanse every organ in my body

I break myself from every bewitchment that is causing sickness in my life

I break loose myself from the bondage of sickness in Jesus name

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