Prophetic Prayer Points For The Month Of May

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Month Of May prophetic prayer pointsMonth Of May prophetic prayer points which will turn a life around, what are the things you went through in the last month and you don’t want it to continue in this month of May. God will perform wonders in this month even beyond your imaginations and thoughts. The month of May is the fifth month of the year which leads to the half of the year. Happy new Successful Month Of May

Month Of May Prophetic Prayer Points

Thank you for the grace of making me see the first day of the month of May

Father Lord, I thank you for your protection, supplies and blessings in the past months

I put all activities in this month into your hands in Jesus name

Heavenly father, let your power manifest in my life in this month of May

Father Lord, destroy the powers of fruitless hard work in my life in this month

Plenty harvest is my lot in this month

God, let every power that frustrated my efforts in the last month be destroyed in my life

Every power that wants to scatter what I have gathered I the past months in this month of May, destroy them y fire

Every day of this month shall be good news for me in Jesus name

Power of divine protections will protect me and my families through this month and beyond

The power of loss or misfortune will not locate me

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I eject devil out of my business ad work I this month

Every evil gang up against me in this month will not prevail in Jesus name

Success, blessings and greatness will locate me I this month.

I cover myself with the blood of Jesus

Father Lord I thank you for prayers answered I this month

As I use this Month of may prophetic prayer point to pray, it shall manifest in my life.

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