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Prayers For Exam Success

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exam success

Preparing for any examination, it is normal to have anxiety over it because you are yet to know from which area the examiner will set his or her questions. Having an exam success is based on the level of our individual efforts towards our preparations on the examination, our preparation determines our exam success as student or anyone writing any exam, do not expect magic from anywhere, your preparations matters most followed by your prayers which is necessary  and paramount.

praying for examination success is just a way to tackle some negative forces or to pray against bad influences that may want to detour us from our journey towards our progress.

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21 Prayers For Exam Success

I receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit to focus well on areas relevant to the forthcoming exam in Jesus name

I receive the diligent spirit of a distinction candidate to read well in preparation for the forthcoming exam in Jesus name

I receive the strength of the Lord to be strong against every form of sickness before and during the exam in Jesus name

Evil news that hinders concentration will not be my portion in Jesus name

I resist every temptation of cheat in the course of this examination in Jesus name

The spirit of carelessness and nervousneess that may cause exam failure will not overpower in Jesus name

My confidence in God to excel in the fiorthcoming exam will not fail in Jesus name

I pray I will not be held captive during and after the examination

Any evil and demonic sleep including satanic delay or distraction that makes people miss examinations will not be my portion

Fear, anxiety and evil emotion that can cause exam fever will not overpower me in Jesus name

You my brain, receive the touch of the Holy Spirit for easy assimilation in Jesus name

Holy Spirit, give me retentive memory and help me to recall all I have been taught and all I have read in Jesus name

The anointing of favor will follow my answer scripts to the presence of my examiners in Jesus name

I reject the evil testimony of missing script or missing grade in Jesus name

The presence of God will radiate all over my examiner and my paper will not be marked during his bad mood

My name and exam number will not be confused with that of any candidate of failure in Jesus name

The sitting arrangement in the exam hall will not favor anybody that is capable of implicating me in the exam hall in Jesus name

That excellent spirit that made Daniel ten times better than his equals will also operate in my life in Jesus name

This exam that I am preparing for, I will not have a cause to re-write the same in Jesus name

When next I am writing another exam, it will not be this level in Jesus name

Thank you Lord for the result of this exam will be outstanding and worthy of celebration and awards in Jesus name.





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