“Apostle Johnson Suleman Collects 5K To Receive His Hand Shake For Blessings” – Baba Sirkay Johnson

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Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman is in the news again as a man with a facebook name Baba Sirkay Johnson accuses him of collecting #5000 to give handshake of blessing to his members. This came up after the buzz on the social media in past weeks about the issue of tithing which notable pastors have come up to say their parts, including Apostle Suleman Johnson Suleman.

He wrote:

“Why would Apostle Suleiman not support tithing. When he is benefiting from it. I know Apostle Johnson Suleiman very well and even when he got married to lizzy he wore native on top of English clothes and Lizzy Elder Brother did not want his sister lizzy to Marry Apostle Johnson Suleiman because of his financial condition. Surprisingly the same Apostle Johnson Suleman is now lying that he was a millionaire before he became Pastor in 2004.Tithing is a thing of the Old Testament, when the blood of animals were use as sacrifices unto the Lord. But when Jesus Christ died the law of tithing was broken as the curtains in the inner sanctuary were tore from up to down. We are now living under grace. Don’t allow anyone to deceive you to pay tithes. The same Apostle Johnson Suleiman that is collecting five thousand naira from members that wants to receive his hand shake as blessings of the week.”

Apostle Johnson Suleman

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