5 Daily Morning Prayers To Make You a Champion For The Day

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daily morning prayers

Saying our daily morning prayers, how often do we pray before leaving our houses every morning?Waking up in the morning, off we rushed down to the bathroom to get set for the day because we all want to catch the day early enough, we hardly say our daily morning prayers which are important as a man of faith, in a way of giving thanks to God for a new day and letting him take charge of all our activities for that day. It is good to say our prayers every morning before stepping out, but to wrap it with a concise, short and impactful prayer; you can say it this way

Father Lord, I thank you for making me see a new day

Father Lord, I put all my today’s’ activities into your hands, take charge of every situation

Father Lord, Make me a winner at the end of today

Lord, let me have cause to glorify your name at the end of today

Thank you for prayer answered


Note how short these prayer points are. Mind you, you have spoken a lot, just step out like a victor.

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